We are dedicated to advocating for young and early career NYSRS members, particularly on issues that affect New York state radiologists under the age of 40 or within the first eight years of practice following training.

Chair – Dana Lin, MD

Vice Chair – Angela Tong, MD

If you would like to get more involved in the NYSRS YPS section or for more information, please feel free to contact dana.lin@nyulangone.org


Career Fundamentals Series

This series of webinars covers a variety of topics pertinent to young and early career radiologists with prior topics including:

  • Personal Finance – “5 Steps to Financial Independence: A Framework for Financial Security for the Early Career Radiologist,” Jacob C. Mandell, MD
  • Malpractice – “A Radiology-Based Lawsuit: The Mechanics and Current Trends,” Dawn A. Adelson, Christina Kaouris
  • Life Management – “From Survive to Thrive: A Practical Approach to Getting Things Done,” Monica M. Sheth, MD; Puneet Bharghava, MD
  • Career Transitions – “Transitioning from Training to Clinical Practice: Tips for Success,” Lea Azour, MD; Sidney Brejt, MD; Kristen Coffey, MD; Olga Laur, MD; Grace Lo, MD; Lyndon Luk, MD; Kamran Munawar, MD; Angela Tong, MD; Pamela Walsh, MD

Look out for announcements for the next session!


Radiology Leadership Institute Summit Sponsorship

Every year NYSRS selects and sponsors YPS members to attend the RLI Summit to help foster and develop the future leaders of Radiology. Prior sponsorees include:

  • 2022 – Angela Tong, MD
  • 2021 – Amit Gupta, MD
  • 2020 – Anthony Mohabir, MD; Sergey Kochkine, MD; Naziya Samreen, MD